Privacy Notice

What information is collected from me:
The kinds of information we collect from you will vary, depending on how you use our website. It is possible to browse our site without submitting any personally identifiable information (personal information) at all, but if you choose to take advantage of some of our products and services, you may be asked to provide information such as a user name and password, your real name, e-mail address, phone number, address, or for certain e-commerce transactions, your credit card information. Whenever we ask for this kind of information, we strive to provide a link to this Privacy Policy to help you understand how your personal information will be used before you decide whether to disclose it.

In addition to the personal information you choose to submit, our systems are set up to gather certain anonymous data to help us to better understand how the site is being used and how we can improve it. This automatically gathered data includes your computers (Internet Protocol) IP address, statistics about how visitors navigate through our site and information provided through the use of cookies (which is described in more detail below).

Finally, as you visit our site, be aware that third parties may at times be able to gather information from you. For example, third party ad servers and companies that place advertisements on our site may use their own cookies and companies offering products or services through the site may use their own cookies and may collect and use the information you submit. In these cases, the third parties would use your information according to their own privacy policies which may differ from this Privacy Policy.

How is my information used:
The use of your information depends on the context in which it is collected. Therefore, pay special attention to the categories below that relate to the features of our site that you wish to utilize. Also be aware that may at times be legally compelled to disclose certain information, by means such as subpoenas or court orders.

These are small files that we send to and store on your computer so that we can recognize it as a unique machine the next time you visit our site. Our cookies are used for three reasons:

1) to keep track of your information for your own convenience.


2) to help us optimize your online experience by altering our content depending on your particular needs or browsing patterns, and to provide you with advertisements, products and services of interest to you.


3) to help us understand the size of our audience and their traffic patterns within our network.

Some of our advertisers and third-party ad servers may also utilize their own cookies. Also, companies offering products or services through their own websites may use their own cookies.

The information you provide when you become a registered user to certain pages of our site is used primarily to help us customize your online experience. Your e-mail address serves as a unique identifier in our record system, and it is used together with your password to prevent unauthorized access to any.


Privacy Notice:
information you choose to store on our sites. The data you give us about your personal preferences and demographics (such as age, zip code, occupation, or other data) may be used to help us offer content, advertisements, products and services that are most likely to appeal to you. In addition, we may share this information, in aggregate form with our current and potential advertisers so they can know how to present their ads more effectively.


* Unless you specify that you prefer not to hear from us, we may also use the e-mail address you provide at registration to contact you for promotional, administrative, or other reason. You may have these communications terminated at any time. If you indicate that you are interest in hearing from other companies, we may also share your contact information for that purpose.


User Registration Services:
You may choose to request products or services of a more substantial or personal nature when using our website. For example, storing your preferences for convenience in using our site and making an online purchase. The information you provide when seeking these services may be used in the following ways:


* For services provided by the website, the information you submit is used by us to provide the service you have requested. We may also share this information with subcontractors, but only to the extent necessary to fulfill your request. In addition, we may use the contact information and non-financial order information you have supplied, such as your e-mail address, as set out in the Registration section above.


If the service you request requires submission of financial information such as credit card number for an online purchase, rest assured that this financial information is used only for processing your payment, and is not retained after completion of your order. We may, however, store your non-financial order information for accounting purposes and to help us to understand your preferences better so that we can offer you future products or services that you may find useful.


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