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    Alkaviva UltraDelphi Undersink Water Ionizer

    Price:  $2,895.00

    UltraDelphi Water Ionizer
    The Undersink Diamond Standard

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    Tony {239} 643-4959 or E-Mail 

    Imagine the cleanest, healthiest, alkaline, ionized water from a beautifully designed and elegant faucet. Just the faucet with none of the counter-top clutter. Imagine having the ability to choose different levels of alkaline water at your fingertips. Imagine no more.

    The AlkaViva UltraDelphi offers you:

    • The Cleanest Water. The (USA made) UltraWater filtration system (each Delphi comes with an internal filter plus an external; filter) gives you peace of mind with a 99.9% reduction of almost all contaminants. This is the ONLY ionizer filter system capable of treating potable water so it safe for you and family. Removed are the toughest contaminants like pharmaceuticals, heavy metals, chemicals, VOCs and more. We even offer a free fluoride removal option. See our certified test results  Plus the water tastes delicious!
    • Ease of Use. A light touch with one finger on the control pad at the top of the faucet selects the type of water you want. The designer quality faucet has a beautiful LCD display and allows you to get both streams of water – alkaline and acidic – right at the sink. No Counter Clutter and never any waiting while your ionizer is automatically cleaned.
    • Guaranteed Durability. The patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates the scale buildup that deteriorates performance in other ionizer brands.
    • Top Performance. Their Mesh Diode Electrode technology offers you the healthiest water.
    • The Greenest Footprint. The UltraDelphi's greater efficiency mean it uses little electricity compared to other brands.
    • Change Filter Reminder. An LCD display will flash on the control panel so that you know when to change your filter.
    • Adjustable Voice Confirmation. Tells you what type of water you have selected each time you use the ionizer.
    • Dependability. The end result of over 30 years in ionization research by the world leader.
    • The Best Design. The quality finish on the UltraDelphi tower will enhance the look of any kitchen. Designed from the start as an undersink unit, the UltraDelphi has both a state of the art undersink ionizing unit and an elegantly designed sink-side faucet.


    Input voltage: AC1 20V - 240V

    Power: 0.38A(80W)

    Weight: 19 lbs

    Overall dimension (LXHXD): 10" X 13.5" X 5.5"

    Inflow Pressure: 20psi – 80psi

    Water: Temperature 40 – 86F

    Electrolysis Device: Continuous Electrolysis

    Setting levels: 9 setting (48 Programmable)

    Output Rate: 2-3 LPM (Alkaline+Acidic)

    Cleaning Device: DARC Automatic

    Electrodes:  5 SmartDesign

    Platinum / Titanium

    Water Filtration Device: UltraWater

    Key Features

    Elegant, Functional Design. No Counter Clutter! The ionizer sits undersink out of sight. You use a beautiful touch control tower to dispense your alkaline water.

    The Cleanest Water with UltraWater filtration system.

    Ease of Use. One touch control.

    Guaranteed Durability.

    Top Performance.

    The Greenest Footprint.

    Change Filter Reminder.

    Adjustable Voice Confirmation.


    Your UltraDelphi comes with:

    Washing vegetables with Alkaviva

    a) a pH test kit (test tubes, liquid reagent and a pH color chart) to make sure you are drinking at your ideal level.

    b) a beautiful manual that was written by the folks at AlkaViva and is a fantastic resource.

      Renowned healing waters around the world share a few common properties: they are higher in hydrogen molecules (H2) and pH plus are negatively ionized. An ionizer from AlkaViva recreates these properties using water from your tap to create the healthiest water you can drink.

    Molecular Hydrogen (Diatomic Hydrogen)

    Molecular hydrogen water is most efficiently produced on demand by using an electric water ionizer. Until recently this water was commonly referred to scientifically as Electrolyzed Reduced Water (ERW). Research (especially in the past 10 years) has shown that the dissolved molecular hydrogen gas (H2, present in water created by water ionizers, is what is mainly responsible for its many benefits. Perhaps the most accurate name is electrolytically-produced, hydrogen-enriched, alkaline water.

    The active antioxidant in ionized water is dissolved molecular hydrogen (H2. In 2010, a review article, published in "Free Radical Research" stated; "It is not an overestimate to say that hydrogen's impact on therapeutic and preventative medicine could be enormous in the future". Since that article was published there have been over 200 peer-reviewed articles published, that focus on about 80 different diseases models, and that conclude that hydrogen appears to have a beneficial effect.

    Great news for AlkaViva ionizer customers:

    We have tested (using Reno city water as our source) ionized alkaline water from our top two models. Both consistently on demand produced H2 concentrations of around .6 ppm at a 9.5 pH. Higher levels can be also achieved by slowing dowm the water flow etc. This is higher than test results we obtained from any other water ionizer.

    What this means, in simple terms, is that AlkaViva ionizers are able to get consistently good levels of H2 on all alkaline settings.

    Water containing dissolved molecular hydrogen H2 neutralizes only the free radicals that are directly toxic to cells and do not have a biologically important cell signaling role. Therefore alkaline, ionized water, with a good saturation of hydrogen molecules. appears to be the ideal choice of antioxidant.

    The reason why the right brand of electric ionizer is the most efficient way of producing H2 (hydrogen water) is because it produces, every time, consistent amounts of hydrogen in the water. See Durability

    Taking the benefits one step further, AlkaViva ionizers give so much more than a basic filtration of the input water. AlkaViva filters are USA made with results certified by an independent EPA laboratory. Failure to clean input water from contaminants means that certain heavy metals, pharmaceuticals etc present in your water can also be made more bio-available.


    pH is a measurement that indicates the level of alkalinity or acidity as measured on the pH scale. More and more researchers and health practitioners understand the importance of balancing body pH to maintain good health.

    Ionization raises or lowers the pH in water and drinking ionized alkaline water can help you maintain this ever-important balance.

    Ionization also alters the water's electrical properties. The way this is measured is through Oxidation Reduction Potential or ORP (redox), which is expressed in millivolts.

    Alteration to the ORP in ionized alkaline water also indicates an increase in -OH ions that improve alkalinity plus an increase in bio-available H2 molecules - responsible for improving hydrating and antioxidant effects.

    Ionizer performance is affected by multiple factors, and only the characteristics that can be measured scientifically should be considered when evaluating a water ionizer.

    AlkaViva is the only ionizer company which has commissioned an EPA-certified, third party, independent laboratory to document the performance of different brands.



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