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    Genuine Health advanced gut health probiotic 50 billion CFU 30 Vcaps

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    Introducing probiotics done the Genuine Health way!

    Our NEW advanced gut health probiotic contains 15 strains that mimic human gut flora in an allergen- and plastic-free delayed-release capsule to deliver our probiotics straight to your gut!

    50 billion colony forming units (CFUs) for short term use during certain times when more intensive therapy is required, such as during antibiotic use, for digestive complaints or times of high stress.

    advanced gut health probiotic 50 billion CFU

    What Makes advanced gut health probiotic Different?

    Research shows that advanced gut health probiotic increases the delivery of live bifido and lacto bacteria by up to 10x!† Our formula combines 15 strains, carefully selected for whole body health. In a temperature- and humidity-controlled environment, the strains are cleaned to remove toxins and weak cells. A vegan, delayed-release capsule with a fermented prebiotic ensures that the strains pass through the stomach acid, reaching the gut where they thrive. The resulting probiotic is stable at room temperature, and the label claim is guaranteed at expiry.

    Why More Strains?

    Multi strain probiotics are proven to be more effective than single strain therapy because multi strains work together synergistically – 1+1=3! Our carefully selected mix of bifido and lacto bacteria mimic the balance found in the human microbiome, with strains chosen to benefit the whole body.

    Why the Special Capsule?

    We’ve formulated a unique natural, vegan and allergen-free delayed-release capsule so that it gets to where it needs to go. Free of allergens, and plastic (ew!)

    What Conditions Are Improved?

    • Food intolerances and allergies
    • Skin issues
    • Bloating and weak digestion
    • Low immunity
    • Brain fog

    Key Features

    • Highest strain count – 15 strains chosen to mimic human gut flora
    • Targeted delivery of healthier, heartier strains
    • Guaranteed potency
    • Clean and toxin-free

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