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    Ica Health DR.Wilson Super Immune Space Sprinkles

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    Children are not always co-operative about doing what’s good for them. That’s why Dr. Wilson created the immune booster kids like to take – Super Immune Space Sprinkles, a uniquely effective immune enhancer specially designed to help children stay well, even when they are experiencing stress or adrenal fatigue.*

    • easy-to-use powder can be added to beverages or moist foods
    • changes color without artificial colors
    • contains Nat-Stim the safe, effective immune enhancer*
    • provides probiotics selected especially to support healthy young intestinal tracts*
    • works to promote and support long term healthy immune function*
    • enhances immune function during stress and adrenal fatigue*
    • fortifies immune hardiness over time to help relieve adrenal stress *
    • does not lose effectiveness over time*
    • vegetarian 

    Super Immune Space Sprinkles

    If you have been looking for a reliably safe and effective way to help keep your children well, Super Immune Space Sprinkles is for you.* Robust immune function is a major factor in resisting illness and staying healthy. Because young immune systems are still developing, they often need extra support, especially when children attend daycare centers, schools or activity programs, or have siblings.* Dr. Wilson created this unique formula specifically to support strong immune function in children and be enjoyable to take.* Super Immune Space Sprinkles effectively sustains immune enhancing actions that are so important to healthy young bodies, and does not diminish in effectiveness with continued use.* In addition, because it promotes a strong immune response, it can often help cut down recovery time.*

    Intended for regular, daily use, this kid-friendly formula is so much fun to take, your children will ask for some every day! Just sprinkle this tasty powder on cereal, or mix it with any food or drink, and watch it magically change from pale pink to bright magenta without artificial colors or flavors. Every ingredient in Super Immune Space Sprinkles is safe, wholesome and of the highest quality. It takes about two to three weeks of daily use for it to begin taking effect. Just like exercise, it produces the best results when given the chance to work over time.* The most critical periods for increasing immune support are in the weeks preceding and during times of greater demands on your child’s immune system, such as the seasonal return to school or daycare, winter, summer swimming pool use, camp attendance and travel.

    Super Immune Space Sprinkles is not a pharmaceutical; it is a dietary supplement formulated to safely invigorate, build up and support a child’s own immune processes over time, for optimal immune function.* With its dynamic combination of Nat-Stim the powerful immune stimulator developed by top European scientists, and the six beneficial live probiotics specially selected for young intestinal tracts, this formula has several outstanding features that make it unique.* Nat-Stim was developed to enhance specific and general aspects of immune function necessary for maintaining health, with effects that build and deepen over time.* It promotes healthy immune function, especially in the lungs, bronchi, throat, nose and intestines.* In addition, by contributing to a balanced intestinal environment in children, the live probiotics help support the vital but vulnerable front-line immune defenses along the digestive tract.* The friendly probiotic bacteria come with the food they need to thrive and support the healthy balance of intestinal flora necessary for optimal intestinal immune function in children.*

    Super Immune Space Sprinkles, like Nat-Stim, works in a different way than other immune products on the market. It helps support your child’s immune response over time without losing its effectiveness.* Most herbal or vitamin preparations can only stimulate immune activity temporarily before they become ineffective. Consistent, vigorous immune function in the lungs, bronchi, throat, nose and intestines is often the key to getting well and staying well, and one of the best things you can do to support your children’s immune function is to give them Super Immune Space Sprinkles every day.* It safely helps promote healthy immune activity in all of these areas, even when used for extended periods of time.* In fact, in our experience the longer Super Immune Space Sprinkles is taken regularly, the more beneficial it is to maintaining health.* So gain some peace of mind knowing your children have the best immune support available – give them the power of Super Immune Space Sprinkles every morning.* We are convinced that once you try it, you will never want your children to be without it.

    Suggested Use

    Using the enclosed measuring scoop, sprinkle 1 level scoop (1/4 teaspoon) over breakfast cereal daily, or mix into any drink or food. Give daily for at least 3 months to optimize immune support.* For best results, give consistently throughout the year.* An additional scoop may be given 1-2 times a day during times when extra immune support is desired.* If flatulence occurs, temporarily decrease daily amount and then gradually build back up to desired amount.*

    This is a DAIRY-FREE and VEGAN product. It contains NO animal products, milk, egg, sugar, salt, wheat, gluten, nuts, yeast, corn, soy, or artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives.



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