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    Harmonic Innerprizes Nascent Iodine 1 fl oz

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    Harmonic Innerprizes’ Nascent Iodine Comparative Analysis with Other Iodine Products

    Nascent Iodine

    Posted on 2014-06-21

    Harmonic Innerprizes’ Nascent Iodine Comparative Analysis with Other Iodine Products

    Iodine is an integral and essential part of healthy DNA integrity (both developmentally and throughout life), immunity, metabolic balance, endocrine function and cardiovascular health. Fact is, there is an iodine deficiency crisis! Over 50% of the population is either deficient in iodine and/or shows subtle to profound symptoms of iodine/thyroid related deficiencies. Proper iodine enriched thyroid and healthy tissue levels of iodine throughout the body are a major protective factor against immune incursions, the effects of environmental contaminants and rising levels of planetary-based radiation pollution.

    The word “Nascent” means beginning to exist or develop. It is iodine in its atomic form rather than its molecular form; potassium iodine being the later. Followers of monatomic science will immediately see similarities. While monatomics are limited to the precious metals and exist in a high spin state, nascent minerals are similarly at the beginning of physical matter creation, meaning energy transforming itself into matter at the particle level. This gives these minerals a much higher resonance with the body because they also work with the body’s energy centers. 
    Because of its highly reactive nature, nascent iodine is not found in nature per se’, but is bound up with other elements, such as; calcium, sodium, and potassium, all as iodides. These bounded mineral compounds have approximately only 20% uptake into the various tissues of the body, making them biologically inefficient forms of iodine supplementation that’s also harder to dose monitor than nascent based iodine.

    Effective iodine uptake can only be accomplished when the bound forms of iodine (as iodides and iodates) first be separated, clarified and purified from the other binding components and/or impurities into a USP grade elemental iodine. In this state however, the iodine is highly reactive and toxic. Most other iodine processors then rely on an iodide to dissolve and partially gentle this form of pure elemental iodine. The uniqueness of the Pureodine™ process that is utilized in Nascent Iodine from Harmonic Innerprizes is it becomes nanocolloidalized and transformed into a stable, non-toxic form of elemental iodine without the addition of iodides. From a clinical and supplemental perspective this latter point has important and far reaching ramifications unique to the transformed monatomic, nascent form of iodine.

    One of the most outstanding features of the Pureodine™ process is that it is a true glycerite of the nanocolloidalized mono elemental iodine matrix. . . . . the only true glycerite of nanocolloidal iodine available. Unlike a glycerated iodine and/or iodine/iodide, wherein glycerin is simply added as a final stabilizing excipient after the iodine has already been processed with another solvent (i.e. water, alcohol, chloroform, etc.) and that dissolvent has been drawn off, to which glycerin is then added, the USP grade Kosher Certified 100% vegetable glycerin used in making Harmonic Innerprizes’ Nascent Iodine is actually an integral part of the Pureodine™ processing technology that in turn makes the former elemental iodine non-toxic and imparts astounding stability, preservability and versatility to the finished product. At no time is the raw iodine subjected to direct heat, toxic chemical solvents or alcohol, as is typical with other such products.


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