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    Essaic Canada Int'l inc Essaic Herbal Extract 10.14 fl oz

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    Nurse Rene M. Caisse is world renowned for having made significant contributions to the field of natural herbs. Since 1922, Nurse Caisse used Essiac, her original herbal formula, to promote immune system health and overall well-being worldwide.

    Essiac Tea, given its name by Rene Caisse (Essiac is Caisse spelled backwards) consists of four main herbs that grow in the wilderness of Ontario, Canada. The original Essiac Tea formula is believed to have its roots in native Canadian Ojibway.

    The four main herbs that make up Essiac Tea are Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner Bark, Sheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root. The four herbs in Essiac may help normalize body systems by cleansing the blood, purging toxic build up, promoting cell repair and aiding in effective assimilation and elimination. When combined, as in Essiac Tea, it is believed that their separate beneficial effects are enhanced.

    • Burdock root is used in folk herbs to improve digestion, to clean the blood, to increase urination, or as a laxative.
    • Rhubarb can be a strong laxative.
    • Sheep sorrel can enhance health and wellness.
    • Slippery elm has a long, safe history in alleviating sore throats. It is used in many herbal cough drops or teas for sore throats.

    The Essiac herbal supplement is a proprietary herbal formula, made only in Canada and only Essiac brand is the original and legendary formula. Please beware of counterfeit Essiac sold elsewhere without the distinctive ESSIAC logo.

    Essiac Tea contains no artificial flavor, coloring or preservatives. The herbs are grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.


    Burdock root (Arctium lappa), Sheep sorrel leaves (Rumex acetosella), Slippery elm bark (Ulmus fulva), Indian rhubarb root (Rheum officianle). Other ingredients: Purified water, ethyl alcohol and citric acid.

    Suggested Use

    Take 2-4 tsp (10-20 ml) twice daily.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Whole Earth Minerals is not meant to prevent, treat or mitigate disease symptoms.


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