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    Nature's Garden L-Tyrosine 500 mg Caps, 90 count

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    A conditionally essential amino acid, L-Tyrosine is one of the most important elements in maintaining neurotransmitter balance in the brain. Though the body has the ability to synthesize enough L-Tyrosine from phenylalanine to meet its daily physiological demands, in some instances supplementation with L-Tyrosine may be necessary. Since L-Tyrosine is an important cofactor in the production of the neurotransmitters associated with proper mood, norepinephrine and dopamine, L-tyrosine may be beneficial to those seeking to stabilize their frame of mind. Similarly, those with phenylketonuria, who cannot consume phenylalanine, may benefit from L-Tyrosine supplementation. L-Tyrosine can also be useful in promoting nerve and thyroid health.    

    The Product

    Free form amino acid

    Easy to swallow capsule

    Contains 500 mg L-Tyrosine per capsule

    Helps promote proper energy levels

    Important cofactor in production of neurotransmitters that affect mood, stress response, mental function, satiety and sex drive

    CONTAINS NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives; no wheat, gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, soy, crustacean shellfish or fish

    Market as an energy or sports supplement

    Beneficial to those seeking to improve or maintain proper mood

    Market to those experiencing high levels of stress such as young professionals and parents

    Can be sold in men's and women's health



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